「SEA JAPAN 2022」
@Tokyo BIg Sight

-April 2022

Basic Japan had a booth at Tokyo Big Sight, held from 20-APR to 22 2022.

Smart Factory EXPO @ Tokyo Big Sight

-January 2019

We exhibited at Smart Factory EXPO 2019 in Tokyo Big Sight …


We can provide many more products also those not in the product list. If you need our supplier's product, Please contact us about product details and quote requests.


ISIC [Denmark]

S-Line series Monitors
The new super slim desing line  NEW product series
New products have already been added to the S-Line (Super Slime Line) launched in 2022.
ISIC announced the DuraMON 22" & 24" S-Line joined to this product family.
10.1" Monitor (1280 x 800)

15.6" Monitor (1920 x 1080)

22" Monitor (1280 x 800)

24" Monitor (1920 x 1080)

32" Monitor (3840 x 2160/ 4K)

ISIC [Denmark]

S-Line series Panel PCs
The new super slim desing line NEW product series
S-Line (Super Slime Line) added new Panel PC models.
Super slime design, new generation Panel PC
10.1" Panel PC (1280 x 800)

10.1" Panel PC USB (1280 x 800)

15.6" Panel PC (1920 x 1080)

Beijer Electronics [Sweden]

HMI X2 series
Includes the latest technology within robust network solutions, world-class monitoring and control, intuitive HMI. You’ll have application solutions that bring higher productivity, improved working conditions, less energy consumption and reduced costs.
With CODESYS, PLC is unnecessary.

NSI [Belgium]

6" Touch Pad TPD-55A   NEW
Using years of knowledge/experience gained from developing industrial trackball technology, Cursor Controls Ltd have developed a range of advanced touchpad solutions. The touchpads provide smooth and precise cursor control using the latest and most advanced touch sensing technology and are designed for use in the most extreme environments.

NSI [Belgium]

Waterproof Ergonomical trackball & scroll wheel E-38
The E38 Series desktop trackball is an extremely high specification device that incorporates the latest IP68 technology. The trackball combines the patented optical trackball technology with the new halleffect scroll wheel to provide a fully waterproof desktop trackball solution.

Ethernet Direct [Taiwan]

EN50155 Ethernet Switches
Ethernet Direct offers EN 50155-certified Gigabit switches designed to withstand harsh railway environments. These switches are housed in IP67 enclosures and comes with M12 water tight connectors to guarantee reliable connections against environmental disturbances, such as vibration and shock.